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ASIC COOLING is a new and patented cooling system for high-performance computers and circuits of all kinds.

Since we’re also engaged in blockchain technology and there’s an insatiable desire to invest in this fast-growing industry, more and more data centers are needed and established worldwide for this particular area. So far, they are located in frigid zones of our earth for economy reasons. Thanks to our patent, however, they can now be built and operated anywhere, regardless of the environment.

With our patented container system, you save about 95% of the traditionally cooling energy, reduce the space required and save the heat generated by the operation waste in water.

We are able to supply thermal energy for any heating process and with an additionally absorption cooling machine cold air for air conditioning purposes. 

So the waste heat of our data center is the basis of a second earning model within our high profitable mining operation!



We invented a new cooling technology for high power data centres. It is world wide patented and the ASIC COOLING SYSTEM is unique.

All electronic components are immersed in our special dielectric liquid and in exchange with a second liquid circle we are puffering our waste heat in water.

As we are operating at temperatures of ≈ 90°C we are able to provide water at a temperature of 85°C in order to supply heating or to run a downstream process of an absorption cooling machine.

The benefit is, that we are able to generate extra profits when purchasing that energy, as we are producing it much cheaper than the most efficientheating/air-conditioning systems on the entire market.

We economise ⅔ of the electrical costs of traditional air-conditioning systems. 



Through the use of the technologies patented in 2019 the ASIC COOLING SYSTEM offers a solution that is based on integration of innovative equipment in the process chains of power producers.

The technology enables full utilization (regeneration) of energy and stabilization of large grids, significantly increasing the efficiency of mining and reducing CO2 emissions per unit of cryptocurrency mined.

We are focused on two key areas: deployment of our technology to create primary generating capacities and building up an integrated infrastructure in the context of the “sector coupling” (the waste of one sector is the prime energy of another sector) philosophy.

We can solve all issues of the energy revolution, as they are: 

– highly efficient technology  

– environmentally and resource friendly

– carbon free thermal energy production