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The Energy Coupling Token is issued by ASIC COOLING TOKEN LTD a 100% daughter company of ASIC COOLING LICENSING LTD, Dublin Ireland.

The Energy Coupling Token has launched a global restructuring of the cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. The Energy Coupling Token’s initiative is driven by the logjam of issues to be solved in relation to low efficiency, huge resource consumption and environmental pollution during cryptocurrency mining.

Through the use of the technologies patented in 2019 the Energy Coupling Token offers a solution that is based on integration of innovative equipment in the process chains of power producers.

The technology enables full utilization (regeneration) of energy and stabilization of large grids, significantly increasing the efficiency of mining and reducing CO2 emissions per unit of cryptocurrency mined.

Each Container System will be operated in cooperation with municipalities and the thermal heat produced will be fed into the local district heating systems. The total heat produced per Container System is powering roughly 700 private homes. The first unit will be operated in a big City in Austria/Europe. 

Clusters created will be managed through the Energy Coupling TokenApp – a mobile decentralized blockchain application.

The Energy Coupling Token is focused on two key areas of development: deployment of the technology to create primary generating capacities and building up an integrated infrastructure in the context of the “Sector coupling” philosophy.

The ICO is carried out to raise funds to put the new technology in practice and to gradually increase the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining.

Click the following link and get access to the complete whitepaper:

Download here:  >>> GET – Green Energy Token <<<