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Apply to participate in the ASIC COOLING 2021 CHALLENGE:

For registration please send your full name, your residential address, your phone number and your email to



The Product:

With our patented container system, you save about 95% of the traditionally cooling energy, reduce the space required and save the heat generated by the operation in water.

As we are operating at temperatures of ≈ 90°C we are able to provide water at a temperature of +85°C in order to supply our thermal energy for heating purposes or to run a downstream process of an absorption cooling machine.

So we are able to supply facilities with heating energy and  cold air for air conditioning.
The benefit is, that we are able to generate extra profits when purchasing that energy, as we are producing it much cheaper than all systems on the entire market. We further economise 2⁄3 of the electrical costs of traditional air-conditioning systems.

The Target:

In order to supply the thermal energy either to Fernwärme Graz or Fernwärme Wien, we need to fund such container systems. We are looking for Persons/Groups/Companies/Funds which are interested to participate in that high profitable business. Yields of more than 40% per year are evident.

The Challenge:

Maybe you know someone who knows someone ….. . Or probably you are the one? Anyway, if you help us to settle such an investment, we are offering you the following for each purchased container system related to your initiative:

  1. one GMT-MASTER II Oyster, 40 mm, Oystersteel
  2. ¼ BTC including one TREZOR Wallet
  3. your commission of 1% of the total invoiced amount

Further Informations:

Please contact us and you will get all necessary informations and materials.

Contact Form

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